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Inspiration Corner

  • Looking for more inspiration about happiness at work? visit

  • Visit these websites of the International Week of Happiness at Work in Belgium. 

  • Do you want to help spread happiness at work? Sign the manifesto and become a happiness at work ambassador:

​Teken het Werkgeluk Manifest

Signer le Manifeste du Bonheur au Travail

  • Interested in bringing happiness at work to life in your organisation? 

  • Get in touch with our Chief Happiness Officer Griet Deca at or visit and discover a multitude of ways how we can support your company top-down and bottom-up. If you really can't wait to get started: visit our and get some insights and tips right away. 

  • ​Check out the international network of happiness at work professionals at Woohoo Unlimited


If you’re interested in online programmes that can support you directly in increasing your personal happiness at work, take a look at these online learning modules or our (Dutch speaking) live online trainings and workshops as of September 2020.

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